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Why am I running?

I am a native of DeKalb County, and I want to see the county put its best foot forward.  I want to work hard for DeKalb's citizens and businesses to restore their faith in the judiciary and pride in their county.  I want to give people and businesses a reason to move to DeKalb, not out of DeKalb.  This is why I am running for Superior Court Judge of DeKalb (Stone Mountain Circuit).    


At many forums, I have spoken about my frustration with the court system and how I want to turn the ship by running an innovative and efficient courtroom.  Click here to see a Proposed Standing Order that I have drafted, which I intend to use in civil cases.  We need an elected judge who means business and is willing to innovate and approach problems from a different angle.  Continuing the status quo will not get us different results.

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